“A Matter of Honor” by George R. Hopkins

George R. Hopkins
Independently Published (2019)
ISBN 9781693207204
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views

In “A Matter of Honor” by George R. Hopkins, Father Jack Bennis discovers a murdered private detective dead in his church, a man he didn’t know, murdered in a very unusual way! After notifying the police and being questioned, he soon leaves the country on a quest to locate a missing boy he knew years ago. This action causes the police to suspect him of murder. Father Bennis has a brother who is also an ex-police officer. His brother is now a private investigator and enters into the investigation.

Both brothers are now in peril, as the real killer or killers are still on the loose. As Father Bennis searches for the missing boy in South America, he must face sex traffickers and a drug cartel attempting to kill him. Meanwhile, the murders continue back home. Who committed these gruesome murders? Is it one killer or more? What is the meaning of the special ritual the killer or killers performs on his victims….scourging the eyes! As his brother closes in on the killer(s), his wife and young child are now in danger.

“A Matter of Honor” by George R. Hopkins is a murder/mystery/whodunit novel involving a cast of different people in different countries and the writing style fits this genre! It’s what you’d expect from a novel such as this; fast-paced and mysterious, but also I really enjoyed the various teases causing me to think “who done it”. One can tell easily that much research went into establishing the perfect characters for the book.

The prose is complete, memorable, and one doesn’t have to back flip the pages and chapters; meaning you’ll remember while reading chapter four what took place in chapter two. The paragraphing and sentence decadence are short-written and powerfully dynamic; perfect for a dark thriller. Trust me, it’s dark, so you’ll remember this book for a while. Lastly, the ending of a thriller/mystery is the crown jewel of the narrative – if there is no dynamic ending then the reading and book is inconsequential. “A Matter of Honor” by George R. Hopkins is “definitely consequential!”…..5 stars

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