“Save Him” by William M. Hayes

William M. Hayes
Independently Published (2019)
ISBN 9781691708864
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/19)

“Save Him” by William M. Hayes is a unique thriller you will not be able to put down!

When a scientist learns that his dying sister received a message from God to save Jesus Christ from the cross, he takes it very seriously. She is a nun and he is a scientist that specializes in creating special high-tech military technology. The scientist can travel back in time by using a special temporal placement chip that he created. A team of elite soldiers, with whom he works, is not so sure altering history is a good idea because changing the past can drastically alter the present. The team uses the chips, to go back into time. When they arrive, several of them have experiences that change how they feel about the scientist’s mission. Some are convinced the scientist needs to save Him. Encountering Christ in the flesh further promotes their beliefs. An evil being, with knowledge of the present, threatens some of the team members into not helping the scientist. Each person must race against time to accomplish the outcome that they desire, because the chip is already programmed to return them to the present within a certain amount of time.

“Save Him,” is an incredibly unique well written thriller. The author created well described scenes that made me feel like I was present, experiencing the drama alongside the characters. He also did an excellent job of bringing the cast of characters to life. He creatively lets the readers know what their motivations are, without bogging the story down with excessive detail. I loved the comradery amongst the team members. I also liked being able to see inside their heads so that I could gain a greater understanding of their motivations.

While this is a story about Jesus Christ, I would not call it a Christian novel. Jesus is a major player in this story, and I think readers will enjoy getting caught up in a story that takes place during a critical time in our history. This aspect of the story adds to the uniqueness of the author’s creation. If a book could be written that incorporates the majority of aspects of my personal interests, I feel that “Save Him,” by William M. Hayes is the one. I look forward to seeing what the author has planned for future novels in this series. Readers of high-tech suspense thrillers and of alternate history novels will love “Save Him.” I think it would make an excellent gift!

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