“Tenacity” by Ron Coury

Ron Coury
Las Vegas Publishing Group (2019)
ISBN 9781732721012
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (12/19)

“Tenacity: A Vegas Businessman Survives Brooklyn, the Marines, Corruption and Cancer to Achieve the American Dream” is the memoir of author Ron Coury. It’s one of those books in which the truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and I had a marvelous time living vicariously through Ron as I read through all his adventures.

Coury is a former Marine, an entrepreneur and a highly successful businessman in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each chapter of “Tenacity” is almost like a short vignette, featuring an escapade, a memory, a life lesson or one of the many travails Coury encounters, all melding together to create the essence of  what can only be described as a full and colorful life.

Now, I didn’t say, a walk-in-the-park-everything-is-butterflies-and-rainbows type of life – indeed Coury has faced more challenges than most people will ever face and does so with class, dignity and a strong moral code. There are a great many lessons to be learned and appreciated throughout the book: staying true to yourself, never giving up in the face of adversity, learning from your mistakes, believing in yourself, and so on. Coury remains honest, upstanding and determined at times when many would just give up.  The people he encounters in his life are unbelievable, from a guy who fakes an assault by Coury to the incredulous, corrupt city officials of Opportunity, Nevada. One thing I never could quite grasp was the reason behind the city government’s egregious behavior toward Coury. I mean, really people – there comes a time when enough is just enough. As this part of the storyline unraveled I found myself getting more and more upset with the antics pulled by those voted into office to represent the people. I love when an author can evoke such strong feelings from their written words.

Coury does a great job bringing the reality of his experiences to life. He’s a natural born storyteller engaging the reader through lively anecdotes, vulnerability and yes, tenacity.  It’s like you’re having a conversation with the author right in your own living room. While reading, I often found myself thinking what a great fiction writer he would be – even embellishing this already vibrant true story would be amazing!

Overall, I highly recommend “Tenacity” by Ron Coury. This story will appeal to a wide audience. Well done.

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