Saturday’s Child by Deborah Burns

Deborah Burns
She Writes Press (2019)
ISBN 9781631525476
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (12/19)

“Saturday’s Child” by Deborah Burns is a beautifully written memoir of a mother-daughter relationship, and a child’s longing for the attention and love of her mother. Ms. Burns shares thoughts and feelings from her childhood that shows her vulnerability and innocence. Her childhood comes to life through her incredible writing which allows the reader to feel the author’s emotions and connect deeply with her.

This memoir chronicles the life of the author and her mother, from early childhood on, sharing the intimate hopes and desires of a child yearning for the love of her mother. From summers in a hotel resort, crammed living quarters, secrets and dreams left unfulfilled, this book is full of rich stories. I think most people can find part of themselves in this story because the author does an amazing job of sharing the vulnerability she felt as a child wanting to be worthy of being loved by her mother.

Ms. Burns finds meaning in her life experiences as she connects the dots with the help of therapy, family, astrology and her own introspection. The author embraces her experiences, good and bad to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for herself. She also acquires a nickname when she starts working, the velvet hammer, which holds meaning for her throughout her life. She sets a powerful example for all that we can use the life story we were given and create what we want with it.

I was absolutely inspired by this book. I can’t say enough about the incredible writing by Ms. Burns. This memoir reads like a novel, captivating the reader from the onset. This is a book you won’t want to put down once you start. I highly recommend it for anyone, but particularly those who want to learn about their own relationship with their mother through this author’s beautiful and raw story. “Saturday’s Child” by Deborah Burns has been a true gift for me as I never expected to have my heart and mind opened so fully by reading this book. Thank you, Ms. Burns, for sharing a piece of your heart. I am forever changed by reading this book.

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