“Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams” by C. David Lundberg

C. David Lundberg
HeavenLight Press (2019)
ISBN 9780979630811
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (1/2020)

“Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams” by C. David Lundberg is a distinctive, comprehensive book about the afterlife. What happens after we die? This is a question most likely as old as time itself and there is not a single person that either has or will ponder this question at some point in their lives. “Our Magnificent Afterlife” provides an inspirational, hope-filled message about what we can expect, based on the author’s expertise in the subject matter, extensive research, and significant, credible sources.

Do I believe there is more to life than this one human experience? Yes. Do I believe there is a God or Higher Power? Yes. Do I believe this God or Higher Power chooses one man-made religion over another as his/her “chosen” religion for his “chosen” people? No. Man-made religion posed more questions than answers for me growing up and I struggled with it until mid-adulthood when I discovered the differences between religion and spirituality. This created space for possibilities, allowing me to study various viewpoints with an open mind.  To believe in the possibility of a viewpoint different than your own requires faith – just because you haven’t experienced something doesn’t make it less true.  It is with this fully open mindset we can learn, grow and experience things greater than we could ever imagine.

“Our Magnificent Afterlife” is written in four parts: Gateway to the Afterlife, Descriptions of the Afterlife, Questions and Misconceptions about the Afterlife and Keys for Spiritual Attunement. Just about any topic you can think of regarding the afterlife, and many things you might not have even considered is addressed in this book, such as clothing, accommodations, our pets, daily activities, music, reading, science and more. It’s hard to recommend a favorite section as they all tie together, though I did find the Descriptions of the Afterlife and Questions and Misconceptions about the Afterlife to be especially captivating, enlightening and educational. Readers will also appreciate the writing style of Lundberg who speaks directly to his audience, enveloping them into the folds and creating a personable, enjoyable reading experience.

A couple of items that spoke to me, aligning with my personal views are as follows:

·         Chapter 33 – Religion and Worship in the Afterlife. Lundberg references Emanuel Swedenborg, author of “Heaven and its Wonders and Hell,” as he addresses the belief among Christians that non-Christians will not be “saved”, noting: “Based on his numerous travels and experiences in the afterlife, Swedenborg acknowledges that our Creator’s mercy and love for His children is supreme, that God’s love would not exclude anyone.”

·         Chapter 43 – Is There Absolute “Proof” of an Afterlife?  We tend to disbelieve that which we cannot see. It requires a faith beyond the physical, as I mentioned above. This chapter discusses the fear many people have of accepting their spirituality, stemming from the fear of the unknown and the unseen. With countless people experiencing near death experiences and receiving proof of the afterlife we have the opportunity to educate ourselves on this matter, thus removing the “unknown” factor. Lundberg notes, “It is difficult for open-minded readers, once exposed to this evidence, to deny the existence of an afterlife.”

“Our Magnificent Afterlife” by C. David Lundberg is wealth of information. Reading it through once for the purpose of this review, I found myself making notes regarding several pages and topics I would like to go back and spend more time on. There is truly something for everyone who wonders about the afterlife and I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject.

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