“Rise of Serpents” by B.A. Vonsik

B.A. Vonsik
Celestial Fury Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9780578220031
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/2020)

“Rise of Serpents,” by B.A. Vonsik, begins in the future, where some humans have incorporated technology into their bodies making them transhuman. This gives them higher levels of strength and special capabilities. While transhumans have evolved physically, many of them still have a lot of work to do on their spiritual evolution. This lack of morality and ethics allows them to be easily influenced by powerful ancient beings who can use them for their own gain.  When the heroine Nikki enters this story, she is caught off guard by a group of transhumans who try to attack her. Nikki is fortunate to be accompanied by a group of individuals who have come through time to try set things right in the world. They have come to finish their battle with the ancients. Each person has a special gift that has helped them survive through time. As the saga continues, the author takes us back into ancient times so that we can see the trials that they had to get through to be able to find each other and come together as a team. In addition to being able to witness their special talents, we also get to see their own personal dramas, especially those involving each other. They must work through a lot to be able to be brought together in the future to win the battle to save humanity.

“Rise of Serpents,” is the third book in the Primeval Origins series. Having read, “Light of Honor,” which is the second book in the series, I was pleased to see that the author did not disappoint with the continuation of this epic saga. Once again he skillfully blends science fiction with fantasy creating a unique storyline that will appeal to fans of both genres. Young adults and Christian fantasy readers will also enjoy this series.

So far I have found that each book stands well on its own, however, I feel that the reader would benefit from reading the books in order because there will be a greater understanding of how the plotline has evolved. The female protagonist named Nikki, is present in both stories, but she is not part of the drama that takes place in ancient times. It was interesting to see how well the author melded the past to the present.

The fantastical settings and creatures are brought to life in vivid detail.  Incorporating mythological beings from a variety of legends made it so much more interesting! While I was reading the story, I found myself wanting to research some of the mythology that the author presented so that I could see how much creative license was being taken, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to prolong discovering what was going to happen next!

For a great adventure, I highly recommend reading, “Rise of Serpents,” and the other books in the Primeval Origins series by B. A. Vonsik. Readers will not be disappointed!

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