“Grace in Mombasa” by Tracy Traynor

Tracy Traynor
Independently Published (2018)
ISBN 9780995687998
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (12/19)

“Grace in Mombasa” by Tracy Traynor is the beautifully written, historical fiction book about an English woman named Grace. The character Grace is based on a real woman who dedicated her life’s work to the betterment of mankind through God’s grace and mercy. The story starts with Grace’s premature birth in 1912 and continues with her ministry through the years into the 1990s, while she interacts with various people and in different countries. When Grace was born, she and her father could be compared to Hannah and Samuel in the Bible; her father dedicated her upbringing to the Lord if only she would survive infancy. Through the sheer grace of God, Grace was blessed with a virtuous upbringing, but not without its hardships. Being born in 1912, Grace had to endure the hardships associated with the two World Wars and how they affected the people and land of England. With the help of her father and fellow Englishmen, Grace was able to coast through these years with relative ease. As we all know, no one can lead a perfectly happy life, and that is what Grace discovered. After disaster and distress, Grace has her faith put to the test and must realize what is truly important in her life.

“Grace in Mombasa” is an exciting book that shows how the power of God can get a person through any situation. While people’s thoughts are their own and a mystery to others, one can only hope that they have the faith and relationship with God that Grace displayed in her own life. She suffered such hardships, that it is easy to understand how people can and do question their own faith. After the trials of re-discovering herself, she keeps such a level head and sticks to her guns. The trials and hardships that people in third world countries, as well as established ones, endure are tough to read, but necessary to be told so as to bring awareness to the horridness of sin.

The way that Traynor writes Grace’s story is very realistic – you cry when death is mentioned, and you rejoice when God’s will is being fulfilled. Reading a Christian fiction book is similar to other genres, with love and death being portrayed in a natural, everyday-like way, but it is also different in that the main emphasis of the overall story always goes back to what the truth is for us all – the overwhelming love and mercy from God in our lives, and how we must remember the hardest thing- that God’s timing is not our own. We must trust in his knowledge and that there is a purpose for everything.

In “Grace in Mombasa,” Tracy Traynor not only delivered a story well worth reading, but also helped ingrain in her readers a wonderful Bible verse to be remembered by many.

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