“Leadership Behavior DNA” by Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie

Lee Ellis & Hugh Massie
Freedomstar Media (2020)
ISBN 9780983879398
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/2020)

“Leadership Behavior DNA: Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences,” by Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie provides helpful insight for leaders to identify and work with the unique talents and differences that comprise the people on their team. By identifying the DNA driven behaviors that make up each person, leaders will be able to capitalize on their employees strengths which in turn will create a “people culture,” and build a stronger team. Addressing team members from this perspective will build confidence and trust within the group.  If members of a team are all treated the same, and their individual natural talents are not identified nor utilized, conflicts will occur. This book begins with an interesting discussion explaining DNA behavior, then chapters follow that are broken down into eight factors and sixteen traits about DNA behaviors. These are explained in depth. Each chapter ends with Quick Coach Notes which provide key points from the chapter and insightful questions. 

The authors have done a fantastic job of taking a complex topic and making it readily understandable. Each section of the book is well organized and written with clarity. The information presented is also backed by statistical research. Colorful charts are graphs are provided. In addition to the visual appeal, they clarify the information being presented in a way that makes them easily understandable. Each section is well referenced, and a website is listed that offers free downloads, including worksheets, plans and a case study. Readers will definitely want to take advantage of these downloads. It would be most helpful if leaders first examine their own DNA behavior in order to gain a greater understand of their own “Strengths,” and “Struggles.” For leaders who want even more personal insight, there is also a Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment on the website.  This report will provide a wealth of personalized information regarding natural strengths and communication styles.

“Leadership Behavior DNA,” by Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie is the perfect modern tool to help team leaders gain the competitive edge for their businesses by creating valuable teams that focus on the strengths and talents of the players. Both the book, and the downloads that are offered on the website are so comprehensive, I felt like I was being gifted with an expensive leadership course. This makes it priceless to me! I highly recommend that business owners and leaders read “Leadership Behavior DNA.” I also think that it would make a valuable textbook for college level management classes. The sooner that this knowledge is accessed and assimilated, the better it will be for the business world!

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