“The Rummaging of Thoughts” by Suryani

Lulu Express (2019)
ISBN 9780578533407
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (1/2020)

“The Rummaging of Thoughts” by Suryani is an unstructured and eclectic collection of the author’s thoughts, just as implied by the title. On every page of this book, readers will find an array of different formats of free verse and other styles of poetry. They are all reflections of Suryani’s world.

The author’s personality shows in the book’s format as clear as her voice. Each thought printed on these pages express a clear message to readers birthed within deep self-contemplation about life, self-discovery, love, and healing. Some verses rhyme, others don’t. Some are longer, some are shorter. But all manifest a whispered melody as you read it.

Suryani shows an amazing skill with words, making it seem effortless. Her voice is evident in each verse, even though each one is different. I personally loved how the author was able to captivate me with a four-line verse in the same way as with a full-page free verse. Below is one favorite picked as sample of the author’s depth:

‘Simply humming, I found my peace
not within truth or people or me
but in the silenced regret of insecurity
realizing I am only as bright
as my darkest and cruelest thought
freed me from the expectations I longed to loss
finding moments of surrender
in my crying of the night
Is how I found the strength to fight
my life isn’t a battle or a war to be won
but my doom and gloom would be worthy of one
this is my narrative no more
for I no longer desire to write of my demons and fright
I only wish to live my light’

In contrast here is a short one to show my point on how captivating the author’s words can be even with few lines!

‘I see myself in fire
in the burning of despair
I roar mighty with a fierce glare
this moment of peace
as these flames dance forward
calling me to walk through
become the fire it whispers
Ignite the fire in you’

“The Rummaging of Thoughts” by Suryani is an insightful and captivating collection of free verse and poems that stimulates the readers’ mind and soul.

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