“Lost in the Moments that Follow” by Adam B. Davy

Adam B. Davy
Independently Published (2019)
ISBN 9781714111473
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (1/2020)

“Lost in the Moments that Follow” by Adam B. Davy is a science-fiction story of how the crew of System One is living and dealing with the aftermath of “The Black.”

“The Black” is the term given to the unknown time when Earth ceased to be. Bad things happened during this time, but no one on System One can remember or recall what exactly happened. Having relocated to the moon, this group of people are living life, but only partially, especially one of the crew members: Hadley. Like everyone else on the crew, she is living life day-to-day, but not feeling like she is living completely, and continuously wishes to end her meaningless existence. Her wish often comes true; after each revival she left with the same empty feeling inside herself. Following her most recent revival, she notices a change in her demeanor and memories; memories begin to flood her mind about the crew’s time before “The Black”, and she must make sense of it all. If she’s not successful, there could be danger lurking around among the crew that no one is aware of.

In true science-fiction genre, the book covers its bases by having its setting in space (on the moon), characters who have been converted to the next level after human, and human annihilation on Earth. Despite all of these great elements in the story, I was still left with some confusion about the characters and the overall story. I wish that there was more character development, or at least additional comprehensive backstory for them. I was thankful for a bit of an explanation of everything going on that was given in the middle of the story, but goings-on before and after that point still had me questioning things. Having no one to give me the correct answers was tough.

The writing seemed appropriate for a science-fiction novel, yet I feel that readers not as educated or knowledgeable in their vocabulary would find the text wordy and a little difficult to read. I was still able to understand the main points of the story though: one being that even in our current lives we shouldn’t be content with the mundane but should constantly be seeking new and exciting ways of living our lives. Another main point is to be aware of those who seek the power- if not kept in check, who knows to what they may resort to fulfill their diluted sense of purpose.                  

Overall, “Lost in the Moments that Follow” is an intriguing novel by author Adam B. Davy. Readers who enjoy the work from Orson Scott Card, Andy Weir, and Frank Herbert will enjoy what Davy has to offer.

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