“A Very Meowy Christmas” by Patricia Fry

Patricia Fry
Matilija Press (2019)
ISBN 9781733277228
Reviewed by Cathleen for Reader Views (1/2020)

“A Very Meowy Christmas” is part of the “Klepto Cat” mystery series by Patricia Fry. In this story, Rags leads a rescue team to find two missing boys. I was pleasantly surprised how coming into this story, at book thirty-eight in the series, I was able to warm up to the characters and get a feel for the connection they shared. The dialog was witty and entertaining as the story played out, and left you wanting to read all the other books in the series. I enjoyed how the author started the book with the conflict of the story. I found it added a second layer of suspense to the mystery, having the reader wondering at what point would you reach the part you started off at? Wondering what would cause the two boys to go missing was on my mind throughout the story.

Most of the cozy mysteries I have read that involved animals, included what the animal was thinking as if it had a dialog of its own in the story, but the way the author had Savannah communicating about what the cat was doing, I thought worked very well. It gave Rags a personality and important role in the mystery.

I also liked the added touch of the psychic Rochelle, and how her visions added a certain mystic aura to the story when searching for the boys. The part in the story where Alicia, with Rochelle’s help, had to revisit her childhood by hypnosis was an important aspect of the story line, as well as very entertaining.

You could tell by the way Rags was portrayed in the story that this is a great series for animal lovers. The care the author took in the characters affection towards Rags was very heartwarming.

“A Very Meowy Christmas: A Klepto Cat Mystery,” by Patricia Fry is a wonderful family-oriented story as well as a clever mystery. I found the story to be both intriguing as well as inspiring. The book is also well made, and I am looking forward to starting this series from book one.

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