“Leadership with a Servant’s Heart” by Kevin Wayne Johnson

Kevin Wayne Johnson
Writing for the Lord Ministries (2019)
ISBN 9780988303850
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (1/2020)

“Leadership with a Servant’s Heart: Leading Through Personal Relationships” by Kevin Wayne Johnson is the go-to book on learning how to grow yourself and your business through the right leadership skills. Johnson formats his book in three parts, each consisting of three chapters. Within each chapter, the reader will learn about the key, goal, and result of servant leadership.

From a personal and Biblical standpoint of how you treat others, the information Johnson shares may sound like what you’ve heard before: obey the golden rule. However, everyone has varied life experiences and processes information differently than others, so what Johnson has to say may resonate with you better than another author will, so of course this should be read by everyone!

The business side of the information, as in how to be an effective leader in your business or organization, is linked to passages in the Bible; because come on, what better book is out there to show us how to live our best lives? For those who aren’t familiar with Jesus’s teachings in the Bible, Johnson provides one quote and equates it to the topic of servant leadership that is being discussed in that chapter. Life experiences (pulled from his 34-year career) and mini-biographies of successful people and businesses are intertwined, which makes this information very relatable.

I enjoyed reading what Johnson had to say, especially when most of it seemed like common sense to me. The thing with common sense is that it’s very subjective, what seems like common knowledge to me might not to another person because they have been living a different life than myself. In short, Johnson talks about the act of being kind and respectful to others, while holding firm to your beliefs and unwavering in what you know to be right. When a person acts in this way in a leadership position, the likelihood of success, both personal and professional, ends up skyrocketing.

I highly recommend “Leadership with a Servant’s Heart: Leading Through Personal Relationships” by Kevin Wayne Johnson. The way he writes his material is easy to read; he explains everything soundly and keeps the reader turning pages to seek the proof of his teachings through research articles, graphs, and mini-biographies. It is easy to see how he has had much success in his life.

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