The Christian Kid Turned Non-Christian by Wilson Awasu

Wilson Awasu
Outskirts Press (2019)
ISBN 9781977205520
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/2020)

In “The Christian Kid Turned Non-Christian,” author Wilson Awasu incorporates personal knowledge that he has gained from years of interviewing children and parents from around the world about their faith. Awasu has organized his real-life data and presented it so that it takes place at a fictional seminar called, “The Christian Kid Turned Non-Christian.” Two cousins are attending the seminar together so that they can explore what led to them leaving the religious beliefs in which they were raised. The seminar attendee group is originally broken down into subgroups that explore outside reasons as to why youth originally defected from their religious beliefs. The four subgroups include, the media, popular culture, peer pressure and the school system. From there, further, deeper, topics are explored that take the group into poignant discussions where they can reflect upon their own personal experiences. Biblical passages are included that further emphasize the Christian perspective.

I found “The Christian Kid Turned Non-Christian,” to be incredibly insightful and thought provoking. The discussions on Christianized social marriage and family life are fascinating because they present standards for Christians to get married and have families, yet some of us don’t fit that standard. It made me look back on my own experiences as to why I defected from the strict Catholic upbringing in which I was raised. A big part of my decision was mentioned in the book, in that I was not going to have children, and my religion required it. Interesting discussions revolve around other reasons as to why people defected. Readers will find themselves relating to the different ideas presented.

This book is an excellent resource for people exploring their religious beliefs and why they might have left Christianity. As mentioned in the book, it can help previously defected non-Christian kids return to an authentic Christianity so that they can have a relationship with God. The characters that help present the material are both likeable and easy to relate to. I enjoyed their personal insights, even if fictional, I am sure they are based upon information the author gathered from his interviews. These insights helped guide me to my own thoughts and recollections in a way that did not bog me down with the information being presented.

“The Christian Kid Turned Non-Christian,” by Wilson Awasu is an excellent resource for a critical thinking class.  I would have loved to have had access to this book on my Catholic High School religion class. It would have also led to some authentic, lively discussions with my parents, at home, about their beliefs. Highly recommended reading.

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