Savagery by J.C. Mehta

J.C. Mehta
Airlie Press (2019)
ISBN 9781950404001
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/2020)

I must begin this review by giving credit to “Savagery” by J.C. Mehta for its beautiful design as well as its relevance to the title. This poem collection is presented to readers free of structural constraint. The author spills her thoughts and feelings out in the same manner. Her raw emotions come through loud and clear as she expresses her message on themes relevant to everyone. Her unique ethnical view of the world is her gift to readers. Her collection is a 47-page book of pure passion for the good and ugly life brings is communicated with sometimes crude, sometimes soft, always on point vocabulary. “ Savagery” is J.C. Mehta’s 9th collection.

J.C. Mehta is not only an accomplished poet and skilled writer she is also a genuine one. I felt each message tingle on my skin as her voice felt honest and her words sounded true to her heart and life experience. Some of my favorites like “Aging” related to my own life experience, others like “Bodies Of Water” took me to a new place in my mind. Then there are the ones that gave me a peek into the author’s heart like, “She Was Always So Thirsty.” In all of them a direct, blunt voice pushes through her message and linger in the mind for days. Below is a short sample:

“Like The Sun
You still ask me
what I see in you. I keep asking
how many books I need to write to tell.
In knowing we stomped our feet
into concrete and stopped our life
from spinning. Dervishes dance
around us while we stay free.
Permanent, at the center
the everything.”

“Savagery” by J.C. Mehta is a collection of thoughts, feelings and life experiences shared by the Author through her unique indigenous ethnic voice. Her life experience is unique and far from my own. Her voice showed me a world very different from mine as an Italian born and raised in Venezuela. Yet it also felt familiar like my conversations with my spiritual Gojiran native sister who grew up with me in flesh and spirit during my upbringing in Venezuela. I feel grateful to have read “Savagery”  and recommend as a Five Star collection that will bring insight to all who reads it.

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