Ready for the People by Mike Langan

Mike Langan
Hilliard Harris (2019)
ISBN 9781591334361
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (2/2020)

“Ready for the People” is  the second book in the Hank Fisher mystery series by Mike Langan. Hank Fisher, an attorney and white crimes investigator, just ended a case that caused him to be well-known in the community – for all the wrong reasons. He’s now decided not to practice law, but investigate white collar crimes, realizing that he’s more gifted in this area than practicing court law.

Hank teams up with former police officer Robert Lynch, who retired from the police force because of his style of enforcing law. In other words, Robert Lynch is sort of aggressive. Then something unexpected happens; Hank is approached by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with a special request. This request is so important to the United States that he can’t refuse the assignment. What is it? What are the dangers?

“Ready For The People by Mike Langan is a work of art that tantalized me right from start. When a book tantalizes me quickly, I always know it’s going to be a good book. It’s a gripping thriller that will keep you absorbed from the start! Lots of twists and turns, but uniquely different than the expected. I really loved the rapid pace. As you read this book you’ll quickly feel or notice the research the author did on this work. I used the term “work” as a high compliment, as it’s one of those rare books I could easily reread.

Most of all I was impressed with the fact that it wasn’t what I call a “back flipper.” This is when you read a book and find yourself constantly going back to the previous pages to reread or remember a character name or event! The story is simply well laid out beforehand to prevent such action.  Another great thing I enjoyed about this story is what I call “connection points.” As each chapter was completed, the next chapter smoothly worked into it. No erratic pauses, event changes, or “who is this” issues.

“Ready for the People” by Mike Langan is an extremely detailed thriller, well-written, and would in my opinion make a great film…5 stars easily!

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