“Guardian of Angel” by Lanie Mores

Lanie Mores
Tellwell Talent (2019)
ISBN: 9780228812456
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (2/2020)

“Guardian of Angel” is the second book in the Father of Contention Series by Lanie Mores. The title has a play on words, as it has many Christian elements to the story, yet also includes mystery, suspense, and the righting of wrongs.

In the story, Ang, also referred to as Angel by her grandmother, is trying to live a life in which she is most comfortable. While caring for your aging grandmother who is also suffering from Alzheimer’s doesn’t sound like an awesome job for a high schooler, the fact that Ang also deals with extreme anxiety actually makes this the perfect job for her. She gets to stay at home caring for her grandmother and keep away from large groups of people. Having a friend named Taryn has been a lifesaver for her social life, yet not for her anxiety. After a bit of persuasion, the two follow a crowd to a campground where they plan to enjoy their high school freedom to the fullest. What happens from there completely changes Ang’s life, and through a mystery, she is connected to and able to communicate with her guardian angel, Gavin. Good versus evil is a main component throughout the book, especially as Ang and Gavin search for her lost sister. Initially unsure of what they’ll find when they embark on their mission, they could never have guessed the outcome of it all.

Fans of the first book in the Father of Contention series will for sure want to continue with “Guardian of Angel.” I have not read many books that talk about the subject of guardian angels, let alone a story made into a fictionalized mystery. Obviously, there are some artistic liberties that Mores has taken when referring to scenes set in Heaven and when describing holy entities such as angels, but overall it is a fun read.

The way that Mores has written this story keeps you turning the pages and includes many aspects so that you can be reading her book from a different set of beliefs than another reader, and still get something out of it – if only an enjoyable story. You’re rooting for the good guys, but it always seems to go back and forth through the story, so you don’t know! Ted Dekker could be compared to Mores given their genre of fictional stories with Christian themes. “Guardian of Angel” by Lanie Mores is a fast-paced, emotional story that is sure to appeal to a large audience.

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