Against All Odds by Carol Basile

Carol Basile, Ph.D.
Dragon Gate Media (2019)
ISBN 978173243594
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/2020)

“Against All Odds,” was written by Carol Basile, Ph.D., a woman who raised a child with autism, becoming an educator and school psychologist along the way.

In this incredible book, Basile applies both her professional and personal experience to teach us about the different developmental stages and how they affect a person with autism. She does this by breaking down the different developmental stages into their age groups. These include theories by Erikson and Piaget. If you don’t recognize these names, don’t worry, you soon will as she will explain them to you. As she adapts these stages to one who has autism, she also provides discussions on what she did well, what she could have done better, what parents and caregivers can do, and what educators can do. I wish I had access to this knowledge twenty-five years ago, when I started working with people who had autism.

My former career in the Regional Center system as social worker, later in college education as an instructor for disabled students, and now an academic adviser, has involved me working with many students who are on the autism spectrum. One young man stood out to me, because his parents told me that when he was four, a psychiatrist told them that they would be lucky if he could sit in a chair. The young man that I was working with, became a well-known singer known as The Autistic Artist in Mexico. In addition to performing and being interviewed in local news outlets, in Mexico, he writes his own songs in English and Spanish. Like the author, the parents were not willing to accept the dire prognosis put on their son and he flourished.

Reading, “Against All Odds,” will bring hope to parents and people who work with children who are on the spectrum. In addition to educating us, the author also has created a beautiful tribute to her son by telling his story. “Against All Odds” by Carol Basile, PhD, is an incredible resource for parents of children with autism and for everyone that works with them. It will help parents recognize what they are doing right and give them information about what they can do better. For individuals who work with this population, in addition to the valuable information, you will be inspired to not limit the dreams of the people with whom you are working.

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