Turn the Tables by Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar
Books that Inspire (2019)
ISBN 9788193391273
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/20)

“Turn the Tables,” is written by Priya Kumar who is a teacher, author and motivational speaker.
In this book, she offers twenty-eight motivational life lessons to guide readers on how to turn challenges into opportunities. Challenges can come from people, situations, short-sightedness, wrong attitudes, and lack of knowledge. In most cases, we can’t change others around us, but we can work on building our knowledge, changing our attitudes and how we think, because people and situations are constant, and we can only change ourselves.

After each lesson is a section titled, “The Right Attitude Turns the Tables.” In this area, Kumar offers thought provoking questions that pertain to the reader’s personal experience regarding the lesson just covered. There is space to journal answers as well. I found the questions to be very helpful in that I could really see how the information presented applied to me. The last question is geared towards helping the reader seek answers to how they can or how they have handled personal situations experienced that relate to the topic. This section is extremely empowering because it helps people seek answers based upon their personal insights and experiences.

I love Kumar’s writing style in that she writes like she is talking directly to the reader. It made me feel like I had a one-on-one session with her, instead of just reading a book. I appreciated that she disclosed a lot of personal information about where she made mistakes in her life. By sharing her personal experiences, she might be helping some readers avoid her mistakes. She also lets us know how she overcame her setbacks and moved forward. Judging by her success as an author who has won thirty-two international book awards, it is clear that her work is greatly appreciated, and it is nice to see that it is honored.

I know that “Turn the Tables,” is going to have an impact on my life. Much of the lessons presented have aspects that apply to my life. As I read, I felt that this book would be a perfect gift for a college graduate, or someone newly entering the work world. Everyone will benefit from the lessons provided. It would be nice for someone just starting out to have access to this resource so that they can avoid making mistakes that many of us had to learn about the hard way. I think the areas that especially help a young adult would be about relationships and setting boundaries. In several areas, I felt that Kumar made it very clear to always act professional and to walk away when being disrespected. She mentioned how some people laugh when they are uncomfortable about how they are being treated and why this is the wrong step to take. I would love for all females to read this part! So much information is to be learned in these pages. “Turn the Tables,” by Priya Kumar is a must read!

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