Discovery by Jack and Sue Drafahl

Jack & Sue Drafahl
Earth Sea Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781938971303
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/20)

“Discovery,” is the first book in the Ship Series by authors Jack and Sue Drafahl. The adventure begins when Jake McDonald stumbles onto an ancient, alien spaceship while deep sea diving off the California coast. This ship has been asleep for over 188,000 years. Jake’s presence wakes it up and it is soon fully restored to life. Jake has been down on his luck, and this discovery is one that will alter the downward course that his life has been taking.

The ship has a mission for Jake, and in order to complete it, others take notice. This includes the US government, NASA, and a secret extremist military group known as Tech Forces (TF).TF wants to gain control of the ship so that they can access its technology which exceeds anything that we have on our planet. They will use the technology to take over the US government and gain full control of earth.  Jake now must save the ship and his family who are targeted for kidnapping on earth. Jake soon learns that the planet is dying because of human greed and corruption. It would be best if he organizes a team of people from a variety of backgrounds to explore the universe with him. With his wife on board, they set out to convince qualified people to go off on this adventure with them. The adventure with this group of interesting eccentrics will continue in the second, forthcoming book in this series.

After my first glance at the cover, and reading a few pages in, “Discovery,” immediately enthralled me. The authors truly have brought a creative adventure to life which is not like anything else that I have ever read. They have such a gift for writing descriptive detail that I felt more like I was watching a movie, than reading a book. I could “see” everything as I read.

The characters are multifaceted, flawed and likeable. The good guys are likeable anyway. The relationships between the characters, whether they be good or bad, are very complex and realistic. The plot is also complex because it involves issues on multiple levels. These range from the protagonist’s familial issues, to espionage against the US government, international politics, and the unhealthy state of our planet. All these concerns fold into the story in ways that make sense, and yet are still unsettling because they involve fears that we hide within ourselves about things that could really happen.

This is the first book that I have read by Jack and Sue Drafahl. They really impressed me, and I look forward to reading other books in their series. “Discovery,” is definitely a keeper! I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!

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