Kill Notice by Marta Sprout

Marta Sprout
Deep Blue Press (2019)
ISBN 9780985797355
Reviewed by Jennifer Wilson for Reader Views (2/2020)

“Kill Notice” is a thrilling novel by Marta Sprout. This is the story of Kate Bowers, a determined Washington DC homicide detective who finds herself the target of a madman and possible up-and-coming serial killer.

Kate, a former Army special operations soldier turned homicide detective, is a determined, self-reliant woman who demands your respect from the very first chapter. She finds herself as the person of interest to a crazed killer, a killer who chooses to alert her to his next murder by taping a single button to her front door. Armed with that single clue, Detective Bowers is unable to stop him before he kills.

Once his victim is found, Detective Bowers and her team must analyze every detail to figure out who is committing these heinous murders. The madman terrorizes Kate every chance he gets in the process. Knowing this case is growing more dangerous by the minute, Kate enlists the help of her former lover, FBI agent Riggs. Together they begin to look at their fellow officers, agents, and forensic specialists with suspicion. The killer is too neat, too knowledgeable. He has to have a police background.

Being a homicide detective is a tough enough business without having to watch your back and wonder whether or not you can trust your fellow officers. Add to this already stressful situation, the fact that she is the sole relative of her very ill uncle, in love with an FBI agent even though she’s not quite ready to commit, and the only voice of reason to her flighty friend Berti, and you have a woman with every reason to give up. I found her strength and drive admirable and it is an intriguing journey following her as she works to solve the case.

Ah, so many murder mysteries, so little time. Yes this genre is rather large, but I found this book to be interesting and refreshing. It held my attention throughout and was easy to read and understand. I loved the characters. I had several favorites. Bobby, the young drug dealer who is on the street to provide for his grandmother younger brother, the mysterious man in black, who is everywhere, but seemingly unable to be caught. Berti, the friend who is a good-hearted person with the dangerous habit of falling in love with the wrong men.

“Kill Notice” by Marta Sprout is a fast-paced thriller, well-written with interesting and relatable characters, full of twists and details to keep the story flowing and an ending readers will find quite surprising!

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