Quest of the Staff and the Sword by T.K. Kohl

T.K. Kohl
Outskirts Press (2019)
ISBN 9781478780373
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views

“Quest of the Staff and the Sword” is an epic fantasy adventure by T.K. Kohl. While relaxing at home with his wife, world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Henry Jedidiah answers the phone to his good friend Mike Gideon, who hurriedly requests he take an important trip to the country of Peru. Dr. Jedidiah and his wife are well-respected around the globe as experts on ancient artifacts. Mike Gideon informs him that an earthquake had just occurred in the country of Peru; and has caused the death of many citizens!

As Dr. Jedidiah continues to listen, he’s suddenly also informed as to the real reason behind the call; the earthquake has opened a large cavity in the earth. Mike further explains to the doctor that satellites have located something strange in the cavity; a gleaming white building apparently beneath the earth! The assumption is that it’s been hidden there for hundreds or thousands of years! What’s in the building? Who built such an edifice? What’s inside that could end life on earth?

“Quest of the Staff and the Sword,” is an epic and thrilling adventure set in the exotic country of Peru. Die-hard fans of Harrison Ford’s, “Indiana Jones” and its counter parts would instantaneously love this book. But even if you aren’t a fan of Jones, you’ll find this adventure will “take you to another place.” The book is richly character-driven and intense, with a mystery attached to it that will truly “mystify” the reader!

I would love to tell the reader what’s in the building and its meaning, but that would somehow divulge the surprising ending. Let’s just say you’ll find the ending surprising. I was fooled a couple of times as I was reading the book, as I was certain I had things figured out! “Quest of the Staff and the Sword” by T.K. Kohl is also well-written from a grammatical standpoint with richly worded phrases expressed in such a way that makes the story flow smoothly. A great book that I would highly recommend. I would also recommend that readers who love “whodunits” read this highly entertaining adventure….5 Stars!

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