I Am Another You by Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar
Books That Inspire (2010)
ISBN 9788193391211
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (02/2020)

“I Am Another You” by Priya Kumar is a self-help book in which she details her journey from India to the Netherlands, to find her true self. Questioning herself the whole way, somehow Priya knew that this was the path she must take to better herself and feel whole.

Going against everyone’s advice, she catches a plane to the Netherlands to find the Shamans and receive some answers. Once she has arrived in their company, she participates in various rituals; each one provides her with more and new answers to her questions about her life and the world around us. At the end of each chapter, Priya details her experiences shortly and concisely for her readers to understand and be able to put it into practice. Throughout the previous chapter, the reader learns of her experience with the particular ritual, and from her experience, she has provided us with “lessons” that we can learn from to enhance our own lives. As the title says, she is another one of us, meaning we are essentially the same being when it comes to our wants and expectations out of life. We all crave to be the best version of ourselves, and Priya’s advice is a great first step to making that happen.

The way that Priya Kumar presents her information is very straight-forward and easy to read and understand. She participates in many different rituals, which all make for enjoyable and informative reading. Being an author with many accomplishments, you have to figure that she has something right; however, the reader should be aware of their personal beliefs, as this is a very spiritual book with practices that might not be agreed with or promoted among all religions or organizations. That being said, take it as you want, but the purpose of “I Am Another You,” of touching people’s lives for the better, like what happened with Priya in her journey of self-discovery, is shown loud and clear. 

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