Love Poems from Vermont by Jon Meyer

Jon Meyer
Brilliant Light Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781733232807
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/2020)

I knew I wanted to read “Love Poems From Vermont” by Jon Meyer as soon as I saw the book. It is a beautiful collection of pictures and poetry presented to readers in the perfect package.

I first thought the collection was about romantic love. It is not…and it didn’t disappoint! The poetry is inspired by true love; whichever way it chooses to manifest. The pictures, giving a visual to each poem, are all from different Vermont landscapes. The author not only pairs the right picture for each poem, he also adds a short backstory on how he found the right scene, took picture and what that place inspired. I loved this part, as sometimes he described the sounds, and other sensory feelings he experienced while he took the picture, transferring the experience to the reader. Some of my favorites are ‘Bloodhound,’ ‘World’s Riches,’ ‘Long After departing,’ ‘Snow In Winter Snow,’ ‘Can Love Save The Planet?’ – Okay, they are all my favorites…

The author did an amazing job expressing an array of different ways we can experience love through short poems, visuals, and insight and inspires readers to reflect their own love experiences while enjoying the beautiful pictures as the words linger within. This is the only way I can describe my experience with this book…one book that I will keep. I will try to share the experience through the sample below, I wish I could have shared the picture too.

‘Our Hearts
Like magnets
Breaking free to join
With strength unstoppable,
Our hearts….
Cannot be held apart.’

Skyline and horizon picture insight on the poem from Meyer:

“The planet we live on has massive gravity that keep us grounded and prevents us from flying off into space. So do our hearts.”

“Love Poems From Vermont” by Jon Meyer is a beautiful Five-Star experience that will inspire the senses and feed the soul. It’s a highly recommended book of poetry and I can’t wait to share with my loved ones!

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