One Taste Too Many by Debra H. Goldstein

Debra H. Goldstein
Kensington Publishing
ISBN 9781496719478
Reviewed by Rachael Rodgers for Reader Views (03/2020)

In “One Taste Too Many,” we follow Sarah Blair, who is a down-on her luck secretary at a local law firm. As trouble heats up, we find out Sarah’s ex-husband, Bill, has been murdered and the police are accusing Sarah’s twin Sister Emily, of killing him. We meet Sarah’s attorney boss Harlan, the town sheriff Peter, Bill’s girlfriend Jane, Emily’s boyfriend/boss Marcus, Sarah’s coworkers Grace, Jacob, and Richard. Sarah sets out on a mission to prove her sister’s innocence, find a killer in their small little town of Wheaton, Alabama and try to get herself out of a sticky situation that Bill and Jane have put her in.

Overall, I think Debra Goldstein did a great job of explaining the plot and storyline but could have sped up the introduction a little bit in my opinion. Debra Goldstein’s love of the law, family, and Alabama is very evident and offers the reader a hint of who she is as a writer. The constant back and forth in this book gives the reader a slight whiplash in trying to figure out who these characters are, but she recovers nicely and ties the book up in a satisfying ending. 

As a 25-year-old female and self-proclaimed chef I enjoyed the “foodie” dynamic of the sisters in the book and the recipes in the book were a plus too! I look forward to trying the recipes in the book, hopefully if Sarah Blair can do it so can I! If you like to cook and enjoy a good mystery this book is for you.

“One Taste Too Many” by Debra Goldstein is a slow starting book, but an overall interesting culinary read. It is a bit hard to track all the characters but once you get to know everyone it holds your attention. After finishing the book, I am curious to know what intriguing mystery Sarah Blair will get herself into next. I feel as if I have some quirky new friends and I can’t wait to see where life takes them. I would love to see Sarah get a love interest in the next book, find out how life with Ra-Ra is going, and hopefully Sarah will get more confidence too.

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