“Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong” by K.C. Murdarasi

K.C. Murdarasi
Hephaestion Press (2018)
ISBN 9781916490901
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (3/2020)

“Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong” by K.C. Murdarasi is akin to a humorous research project explaining eight key ways in which the facts from the “Robin Hood” we know of today, are false.

Within each chapter, Murdarasi does an excellent job showing her talent that resulted in investing her time and research into this well-known character. The entire text isn’t very lengthy, yet it covers all of the significant aspects of Robin Hood that we know either from stories or maybe the animated Disney film from the 1990s. Obviously, we know that the real Robin Hood is not a fox, like in the Disney film, but Murdarasi explains in strong detail, how he was not in love with a lady named Maid Marian, he was not of noble birth, and he was not called Robin Hood because he wore a hood. In the end, you learn of the top five candidates for who the real Robin Hood was, but in actuality, the world may never know.

I love how Murdarasi writes this book; the writing is simple to follow, but also includes many historical references to back up her claims. Before reading this, I only knew Robin Hood from the Disney perspective, so I was surprised to learn the rest of his tale and loved learning historical references as well.

One thing about the book is that when you first start reading, it just goes straight into the first myth without any beginning to the book, which I found a little different- overall it doesn’t affect the integrity of the book though. I believe that audiences who are a little older would appreciate this book more than younger readers, mainly because they’ll have a better chance of understanding what the historical references and geographical locations mean.

I would recommend “Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong” by K.C. Murdarasi to anyone with interests that lie in world history and especially the tale of Robin Hood.

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