The Causality Loop by Wendy Nikel

Wendy Nikel
World Weaver Press, LLC (2019)
ISBN 9781732254671
Reviewed by Jan Freeman for Reader Views (3/2020)

“The Causality Loop: A Place in Time” by Wendy Nikel is a delightful story in a small book, the fourth in the series. Leaping over centuries to save his family, Dodge Greenley is a young man on a mission, and breaking the rules is just part of his day.

The story is well written and holds the reader’s interest. The characters are fun to follow, and the complications along the way are truly a maze. I’m impressed that the author can keep up with all the “jumps” through time, plus maintaining the relationships she has created between the characters.

Dodge works for the Place in Time Travel Agency as a Retriever (someone who picks up travelers from vacation spots in time). He discovers a problem in the agency and, since it puts his family in immediate danger, he is off to find out who is stalking the Greenleys. All at once there is mayhem, and the adventure begins! I love it when Dodge looks for another character (Dr. Wells) at a comic convention. After all, where else could you find a time travel expert before he knows he has succeeded in inventing time travel?

Through the ensuing time travel, there are wars and other dangers, plus a number of costume changes. Humorous encounters with people at various places on the timeline makes the story move along as well.

I think teens would get a kick out of reading “The Causality Loop: A Place in Time” by Wendy Nikel. Adult readers with a couple of hours to read would enjoy it also. I am a fantasy fan, so it was an afternoon well spent, in my opinion.

Wendy Nikel spins a good yarn, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her books.

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