Snatch 2&20 by Luke E. Fellows


Luke E. Fellows
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9798639785795
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (05/20)

“Snatch 2&20” by Luke Fellows is satirical novel so outrageous you know it has to be fiction, but its underlying ties to reality are such that you’ll either laugh out loud or just lay down and cry over the demise of humanity. Sounds extreme – and it is – delightfully so!

The story follows Giles Goodenough, a privileged man-boy living on a trust fund and skirting his way through life with his lovely wife, an ex-stripper named Cherry.  Coerced into a job by his father, Giles fakes his way through Wall Street as a research analyst, doing as little as humanly possible with a devil-may-care outlook. Life looks rather good for Giles, but that all changes when the billionaire founder of a hedge fund corporation hires him to spy on Zyxview, a tech company founded by the eccentric Egon Crump.  Power, greed, lust, and pure insanity drives readers at breakneck speed on a radical journey through the inner workings of the financial and tech industries.

“Snatch 2&20” is a story you’ll want to devour, but take some time and savor every single word, because each word adds value, if not wit, humor, and a healthy dose of sarcasm to the narrative. Exceptional writing places this novel among the top stories I’ve read so far this year.  I was captured by the author’s writing style immediately, loving the circular flow to his sentences and the overall structure of the story. One example, “By the time I arrived ten minutes early to the 3 p.m. event, I was already half an hour late, apparently…”  The story is so much fun to read and it is pure pleasure to experience the creativity of the author.

And, as much as I enjoyed the writing, the characters absolutely make this story. They are quirky, insane, eccentric, sleazy, greedy, sexy, over-the-top – I could go on all day.  None of them live in reality. All of them leave an impact. Giles is absolutely brilliant in his mediocrity. Sweet Cherry is oblivious in her self-absorption. Peter will make your skin crawl and Egon – there are no words – this guy is in a category all by himself. Spend a day with these characters and you just might question your own sanity. So fun.

“Snatch 2&20” is a remarkable debut novel by Luke Fellows and one I highly recommend.  If you’re looking for an entertaining escape and enjoy a little zing in your reads, this one scores off the charts in originality, entertainment value and excellent writing. Well done.

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