The Compass: How to Navigate Your Life and Career in Times of Change by Aviad Goz and B. Kim Barnes


Aviad Goz and B. Kim Barnes
Independently Published (2019)
ISBN 9781074710590
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles (5/2020)

“The Compass: How to Navigate Your Life and Career in Times of Change,” by Aviad Goz and B. Kim Barnes, is a self-help book fit for today’s uncertain state of careers and employment futures, as well as strains on psychological self-care and lifestyle management. These two experts seek to help those unsure of what to do concerning life goals and career goals–should they change, stay the same, or find some happy hybrid of existence?

Most business/career-centered books focus on employment alone. But these authors know that career/business means people, and people mean real human situations, experiences, and emotions. Goz and Barnes offer a comprehensive look at lives, careers, and the many ways they intersect to form the whole person. So much of a person’s identity is wrapped up in their work and career. What happens when the identity is impacted by sudden change?

“Compass” succeeds in helping the reading audience–whether it’s a young person figuring out what he/she wants to do in life, or the successful entrepreneur who’s lost it all due to circumstances beyond his/her control, like a layoff, illness, or other unforeseen event. The gist of their message is to be aware of what’s going on, and to handle the change in a positive way instead of a negative one. High-energy people accustomed to success may have a hard time adjusting to abrupt change or loss, but it shouldn’t be thought of as a failure; just a bump in the road to learn from and navigate.

Another message is “Don’t look back.” Don’t focus on defeat, or loss, or mistakes. Just take what’s happened and move forward to the next level, even if it means calling on outside resources and support systems you may not have thought of before–like a life coach, a career advisor, or even something unexpected like pursuing new training, education, or skill set.

The philosophy of this book is that you’re never too old, too set in your ways, or too frustrated to learn or try something new. Finding a new path, in life and career, isn’t always easy, but it is possible, and “The Compass: How to Navigate Your Life and Career in Times of Change” shows you how to get there, step by step, by the choices you make. Ingenuity and perseverance are just two hallmarks of a positive human experience. Change happens around us, every day. This book shows you how to roll with it and make it work for you, not against you. The information found here isn’t new, but sometimes it takes assembling all of the elements (life, work, goals) into a single package to break out of a rut or find a path that works for you.

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