Fly to Me by Ellie Hansen


Ellie Hansen
All God’s Creatures Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9780578447391
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (03/2020)

“Fly to Me: Extraordinary Lessons Of Life And Death From A Little Dog” by Ellie Hansen begins with the story of the author’s loss of her pet Tyee and what she learned from him. But the main messages are the lessons she learned from his passing. Within this storyline, the author is sharing deep knowledge from her heart about how opening our mind and hearts can lead to the discovery of the spiritual world we can’t see. The concept that all life is made from the same love light that makes us, and that our pets souls are always with us, is a concept that many of us who were lucky enough to have experienced the unconditional love of a pet knows and accepts with our eyes closed. The way this message and concept is presented to readers, is through a hardcover picture book formatted into eight short chapters which take readers through the author’s journey of life with her pet, grief, and enlightenment.

Ellie Hansen’s voice is genuine and heartwarming. It is evident that she speaks from the heart in this well written personal account. Her genuine belief in what she has learned is what makes this book more than a personal life account. The descriptions of her experiences rang true to me as I compared them with my own – the delivery of her message through her true stories is impeccable.

The book makes a beautiful piece to keep on a coffee table at home to share as a conversation starter; but its content is thought provoking and motivational for deep reflection about what happens after we, or our pets pass. As a dog owner all my life, I have had many goodbyes, the most recent one, last year. I too have felt the presence of my loved critters from time to time, whether through a quick familiar sensation or a realistic dream.

I loved “Fly to Me” by Ellie Hansen, and find it to be five-star heartwarming, thought provoking beautiful piece of literature to keep, gift and always revisit.

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