The Last Settlement by E.W. Bonadio


E.W. Bonadio
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9798636072737
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/20)

“The Last Settlement” by E.W. Bonadio is a fantastic story set during the tenth century in England.

This was a period when religions were clashing as Christianity tried to take over the area. A pagan village is forced to flee their land when Viking marauders attack. They leave and go in search of a safer place to live. The group’s leader, Haldair, decides to take a chance and moves his people into an abandoned village in spite of warnings from a mystical dwarf about a deadly creature inhabiting the area. The Vikings have some internal conflicts going on as well, and things get really out of hand when their presence wakes up the creature, who sets out to destroy the people who killed his creator.

It takes a special young lady from the pagan group to stop the creature. This lady discovers that she is coming into some incredible powers that appear to be from her mother, who came from a mysterious background. When the dwarf sees her talent, he realizes that he knows a lot about her past and can help her with her training. While this is happening, the pagans unite with a Viking group to fight the incoming threat from the Christians. These were very difficult times indeed.

“The Last Settlement,” immediately captured my full attention as I started reading. The author did a wonder job of weaving together a story that includes history, complex cultures, and magic. If I hadn’t had a busy job, I would have read it in one sitting. I loved that Bonadio created a setting that was realistic for the times. He also took us inside the heads of the people so we got to see how they were influenced by their religious beliefs, although some were only after power and wealth. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters and the incorporation of magic. It accented the story without overwhelming it, which actually made it seem more realistic. Describing each scene in vivid detail enabled me to feel like I was watching a show rather than reading words.

I highly recommend reading “The Last Settlement.” It will be enjoyed by readers who range in age from teens to adulthood. I think it would be a nice selection for a reader’s group. Thought provoking discussions are sure to follow. I truly hope that “The Last Settlement,” is planned for a series because I would love to continue to follow along with these people and see what adventures await them.

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