Starfish: A Rockstar Romance by Lisa Becker


Lisa Becker
Independently Published (2019)
ISBN 9781796666465
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (5/2020)

“Starfish: A Rock Star Romance” by Lisa Becker is romance novel blended with comedy that will have you smiling but frustrated all the way through. The book begins with the main character, Marin, whose plans in public relations are sidetracked by a completely unexpected gig following an up-and-coming band. This is how she meets Brad, lead guitarist and songwriter for his band King’s Quarters. The two have more in common than one might think, but can’t carry on an obvious romance because it would jeopardize Marin’s career. It’s the forbidden boss/employee romance. Maybe he’s a computer whiz at heart, but he plays his part as band mate anyway, which leaves the question, how long can his secret romance with Marin last? And what about the shady band manager? Will Brad ever lead a normal life–and more importantly, with Marin? Their chemistry is undeniable but is it enough to see them through the confusion of possible betrayal and suspicion on her part? You will hear both sides of their story, and from both main characters, as Becker uses the POV of Marin and Brad, which gives the book an interesting, well-balanced feel–especially in the humor and romance departments.

I like the characters of Brad and Marin. Given her job, and his feelings for her, I would have expected that they put a halt on their romance. But, I do understand the rush of desire in a romance novel. Sometimes caution is thrown to the wind. I do like that Brad isn’t the typical alpha male, though, and Marin isn’t the average romance queen-bee. Both main characters come across as well-drawn, and fully formed, and people you could know in real life. However, and this is only a small nitpick: Brad is a bit pushy in the romance department, but I chalk it up to his passion for Marin. He hasn’t felt this way before. I appreciate Marin’s caution where her career is concerned, and I completely enjoyed the ending.

Becker is a good writer, is great at building characters and story, and deserves kudos for creating a modern rock star romance that goes against the grain. “Starfish: A Rockstar Romance” by Lisa Becker is a fun, entertaining read.

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