“Tracking Game” by Margaret Mizushima


Margaret Mizushima
Crooked Lane Books (2020)
ISBN 9781643855639
Reviewed by Rachael Rodgers for Reader Views (06/20)

“Tracking Game” by Margaret Mizushima is the 5th book in her Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series.  This was an awesome book and I cannot wait to dive further into this series! I love the K9 mystery, danger, and love of this novel. The main plot is to catch a killer or maybe killers on the loose but first we have to figure out who killed Nate Fletcher?

I think Margaret Mizushima did a great job of keeping the mystery and suspense alive in this novel. She kept me guessing and I did not expect the killer to be the last person on my suspect list. Margaret Mizushima does a great job with character development and Nancy Wu did a great job of narrating this novel. I felt like a child being told an intriguing mystery before bed; instead of listening to the audiobook on my way to work. I double dipped on this book, I read the novel and I listened to the audiobook, I just couldn’t put it down!

This book could be enjoyed by any age in my opinion, although, be careful of the trigger warning of childhood sexual abuse. I personally related with this book a lot by sort of being an onion and learning to let people peel away some of my emotional layers. My favorite part of this book would have to be the tiger hunt- I mean it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

I love the bond of Mattie and Stella have though I do wish Stella would speak more and we could get some more insight into her. Who knows maybe she is really funny under all of that stoic control? I do think they could bond over their own trials and tribulations.

In the next book in the series I hope to get a closer look into Mattie and Cole’s relationship. At the end of “Tracking Game” Mattie finally admits she loves Cole but will they go forward in their relationship or will they hit another roadblock? I highly recommend “Tracking Game” by Margaret Mizushima.

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