“A Miracle or Two for Christmas” by Trish Titus

Trish Titus
Independently Published (2019)
Reviewed by Verna Coy for Reader Views (06/2020)

“A Miracle or Two for Christmas” by Trish Titus is a wonderfully contemporary romance novel. When Talia goes on a trip to Switzerland, the last thing she expects is to run into Jason. They were friends as children but hadn’t seen each other in years. Jason has been thinking about Talia and secretly arranged this “accidental” meeting with her. What would she say if she knew he’d done it on purpose? Will he reveal it to her? To find out, you must read the novel!

This book is perfect for fans who love to read about international travel. The scenic descriptions of Switzerland are a great example of armchair travel for those who love northern climes. This author paints with words. Even Talia’s shopping for fabric in Swiss shops is a descriptively tactile journey for the reader.

The character development in this book is excellent. Talia is easy to identify with right away, and the novel is an easy read that keeps a reader engaged all the way through. The attraction between Talia and Jason is evident right from the start, and the romance element is wonderfully written and sweet.

One of my favorite things about this story is how Talia and Jason learn to know each other’s deepest secrets. Learning how each other thinks, and how past events have transformed them into the people that they are is a big part of this story. It adds an unexpected depth to the romance and flair to the storyline. This style of writing keeps the reader guessing while at the same time, discovering more as each insight is revealed.

I could find nothing to dislike about this book. I will likely read it more than once to experience more of the fresh mountain air of Switzerland! I highly recommend “A Miracle or Two for Christmas” by Trish Titus to anyone who is a fan of contemporary romance novels with a hint of adventure.

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