“Bayou City Burning” by D.B. Borton

D.B. Borton
Boomerang Books (2019)
ISBN 9780999352724
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (06/2020)

“Bayou City Burning” by Author D.B. Borton is set in the early 60’s, in the pre-civil rights era and John F. Kennedy was president. These were exciting times in America as the president’s first task was to send a man into space and eventually the moon. Unfortunately, America’s world rival was the Soviet Union as both were attempting to reach that lofty goal first! VP Lyndon Johnson learned of these plans and vowed that his home state of Texas should be the new home of NASA to build the rocket that would make this historic journey.

Harry Lark is a private detective from Houston, who runs the company alone. He barely gets by with cases, so he’s unable to even hire a secretary. Suddenly a client walked in his office with an unusual request. He wishes to hire the detective with a strange case! The case? To simply follow two men that would be arriving at the airport. To record where they go, who they met, etc. As the detective inquired as to what’s the reason, the strange man simply stated, “no questions asked,” just do precisely what he asked. The detective was very leery of this type of mysterious request, but quickly agreed due to the wad of cold cash offered!

The detective didn’t realize that this case would eventually change his life; with murders, mobster involvement, and more dangerously political implications that threatens his very life. But not only his life, but his young daughter as well, who is so inquisitive that even she is drawn into the case. 

First, “Bayou City Burning” by D.B. Borton is one of those rare books of hundreds I’ve read that the very title will throw you a curve, but in a good way! It’s the type of material where you expect a flip but you get a flop. It’s a mystery involving murder on a serious level, but a mystery with humorous tones and injections! The two genres work synergistically in a way that if not written just right, the book wouldn’t be a good work.

It amazed me how the author created a book that not only is a “whodunit,” but made me laugh right when I was serious. And the addition of the detective’s young daughter was the final touch; with her Nancy Drew type demeanor, that is crucial to this story! It’s very obvious as you enjoy this book that the author gave much thought/detail to every sequence of the story. And one more thing I enjoyed; there’s no what I call “back flipping” with this book; meaning one doesn’t have to flip back to a previous chapter to understand the present story line. It’s just simply a good read and I could even see this book having a sequel. Well done and easily 5 stars…

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