“Jordan” by Victoria Landis

Victoria Landis
Book Painter Press, LLC (2019)
ISBN 9780960066308
Reviewed by Mark T. Sneed for Reader Views 5/2020

Christianity meets sensationalism meets South Beach Florida is the recipe that Victoria Landis stirs up to delight readers in “Jordan.” The characters and the relationships are compelling, the story is tightly written, and there are so many “edge of your seat” moments in the novel. “Jordan” is definitely a page turner, once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down until I was finished.

The premise of a miracle worker in contemporary times is fascinating. The various missteps of the miracle worker kept me turning the pages. It is the uncertainty of the power of the healer and those around her that make the 52 chapters skate along. I like the timestamps as chapter reminders. “Jordan” moves along at a very good pace and there are a lot of things going on in Landis’ novel. This is a fun read. There are some weightier moments, but it allows for a kind of pleasure reading that does not ask too much of the reader and paints a distinctive and interesting perspective of life in South Beach Florida. It begins with a mystery, morphs into a media sensation, and ends with a thriller. As I mentioned, the writing is tight and the author has a way of drilling down to the fibers of relationships that is unique.

For me, the carrot of any story is trying to figure out things in the story. I read like a book detective. What is enjoyable about “Jordan” is that the reader and the main characters, Petra Simmons, the South Beach chocolatier, her younger brother and her boyfriend, a deputy, find themselves on the same journey to discover and understand what is going on as the reader. I recommend “Jordan” by Victoria Landis. Good stuff here.

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