“Amazon Alexa: More Than Just Weather & Music” by Bradley Metrock

Bradley Metrock
Score Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9780991141890
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (6/20)

“Amazon Alexa: More than Just Weather & Music” by Bradley Metrock is an informational guide to the capabilities of Alexa, a virtual assistant type AI technology developed by Amazon.

Our culture has changed so much over the decades, for better and worse, with new inventions being thought up nearly every day. One modern invention that has found its home in many people’s houses is Amazon’s Alexa. Bradley Metrock has compiled a comprehensive and organized list of the ever-expanding features of Alexa in “Amazon Alexa: More Than Just Weather & Music.” This book shows that Alexa is truly more than weather and music by providing and explaining included skills, such as those that help increase your knowledge through trivia, home workouts, mixology, figuring out a solution to fights, bedtime stories, TED talks, interaction with other smart devices, as well as many other skills.

Reading this book will get any owner of an Amazon Alexa excited to try out all of her features. Intermixed with these special features are other skills in the Amazon Alexa app, such as the ability to check-in through other Alexa’s and set security settings. The book overall is an informational one that can be useful for both owners of Amazon Alexa and non-owners, namely those who are merely interested in their capabilities or those who are also interested in their research before purchasing one. Alexa has the capability of making our lives easier and more enjoyable, as evident by the skills listed in the pages of this book.

I highly recommend “Amazon Alexa: More than Just Weather & Music” by Bradley Metrock and I look forward to updated versions of this book in the future as technology advances even further.

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