“Break and Enter” by Lori Matthews

Lori Matthews
Wild Coyote Press (2020)
ISBN 9781734450514
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (06/2020)

“Break and Enter” is the first in Lori Matthews’s newest series Callahan Security. This swoon worthy, Charlie’s Angel-esque, female robin hood read is an extraordinary debut of what appears to be an action-packed series.

Kicking off in Italy and quickly moving to the Hamptons the scenery is almost as captivating as the story within.  Author, Lori Matthews creates an exquisite narrative as she flips between Mitch and Alex’s point-of-views as they both vie for success in their endeavors.

Alex is a thief, or as she likes to call herself an asset repossession specialist extraordinaire, ARSE for anyone paying attention.  Specializing in returning assets to recently single women.  She’s returned anything from family heirlooms to expensive watches, but her most recent job requires her to return a one of a kind sports car to a scorned woman, and it is proving to be a bit more than she bargained for.

Alex comes from money and knows what it is like when women can’t seem to get over an ex. As a strong female, benevolent lead, Alex is committed to never using women for her own gain in her own line of work, making her an instantly likeable heroine.

Mitch Callahan is ex-military.  Along with his brothers, Mitch has recently taken over the family’s security business and as head of the newly formed personal security division he is committed to making a splash with his first big client, Jameson Drake.  But, he’s up against a formidable foe that has seemingly targeted his client. Alex and Mitch can’t both be successful, so who will come out on top?

Matthews nailed it in this series kick off!  The romance was steamy, the action was jaw dropping and the characters all provided an edge that kept the pages turning.  As a longtime fan of Jason Bourne, “Break and Enter” hit all the right notes and gave readers an independently strong and wealthy female lead.  However, this book should not just be limited to fans of action and thrills, the several romantic scenes within are enough to make the most weathered romance reader blush.  This book packs so much punch within its storyline, readers will be running for the next in the Callahan Security series.

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