Happy in Adversity by Guillermo Cordero


Guillermo Cordero
Balboa Press (2018)
ISBN: 9781982210762
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (07/2020)

In my opinion, happiness is an underrated trait in people. If people across the globe were able to be happier, then life would go much smoother for everyone; people would enjoy their lives with fewer diseases and less misery. Guillermo Cordero thinks he has found the way to happiness in his life, and through his book, “Happy in Adversity,” he shares his secrets.

Cordero has had some unfortunate experiences in his life that he refers to throughout the book; dealing with a brain tumor is the biggest struggle. Having lived life as an unhappy man in his past, he can now fully appreciate and advise others on ways to turn their lives into a happier one. In his book, he touches on internal and external topics and how they play a role in our happiness. Cordero doesn’t claim to have all of the answers but is writing to do his part through kindness.

Cordero mixes in life tips on how to be happier in your life with his experiences in life. Many things that Cordero says are objective and would be things you would be told by a professional, but other things he mentions (especially regarding religion and spirituality) are subjective and can be taken or left, depending on your beliefs. I appreciate that he offers further reading suggestions in his text to help benefit his readers, and how he correlates recent information with facts from the past.

I found myself taking some of his writing with a grain of salt, due to his world view and his meaning of simple situations in which I cannot relate; it’s different for everyone. “Happiness in Adversity” covers a topic very important for everyone to constantly be aware of – happiness doesn’t come on its own, it must be a work in progress in our lives.

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