“The FBI Accomplice of 9/11” by Patrick Pasin


Patrick Pasin
Talma Studios (2019)
ISBN 9781913191009
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (7/2020)

At the federal level, much of law enforcement activity is concentrated in the Department of Justice. For countering terrorism, the dominant agency under Justice is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Most of the work is done in local field offices. There are reportedly 56 of these special offices; each in specific geographical areas. In each office is a “Special Agent in Charge”. The Special Agent in Charge is free to regulate his or her office’s priorities and assign personnel accordingly.

“The FBI Accomplice of 9/11” by Patrick Pasin not only explores the various functions and inner workings of the Agency but asks some very serious questions as to what really happened on 9/11. Specifically, did the FBI know in advance of all the details leading up to 9/11 before it occurred? Did they know the actual perpetrators involved beforehand? This book also questions whether the FBI knew the exact day, targets, and means! In the end, the author believes there should be another independent investigation on what the FBI really knew on that terrible day.

I’m certain that most of us have not only heard and lived through 9/11, but also might remember exactly what we were doing in that moment. It was a day that change America, with strict ancillary effects for years. “The FBI Accomplice of 9/11” by Patrick Pasin is one of those books that might make one wonder! His questions and his conclusions are certainly not thoughts that the average citizen will readily embrace (my opinion), but it does have the tendency to make one say hmmmm…

The types of accusations made in this book have been made many times in print form – some believe, many don’t. “The FBI Accomplice of 9/11,” through its many sources, maintains that the FBI knew or probably knew of the 9/11 events; and in the end even accused the FBI of a cover up! It is the many sources the author quotes that makes this book interesting to read. It’s not my stance to say it’s true, but I can’t say ANY of it is false.

Now if you’re already a believer, you’ll love this book. If not, I still believe you’ll enjoy it, as it will either help you verify whether or not this is nonsense or maybe the truth. Who knows? But Pasin’s verified printed sources, known facts, various paperwork, and actual statements by officials are very interesting. My review is NOT based on whether I believe or not, it’s based on the illustrations exhibited in the book, how well-written it is, the engagement level of the content. 5 stars.

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