“Born for Leaving” by Jude Munro

Jude Munro
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9781649701602
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (7/2020)

“Born for Leaving (New England State of Mind Book 1),” by Jude Munro, is the perfect romance for the beach. The story centers around two male characters–Oliver and Bodie–who are loners, but seemingly destined to meet when Oliver, who is strapped for cash, places an ad in the paper seeking a roommate to share expenses. This is how he and Bodie meet. But since they are both loners, and so different from each another, how will this work out? A better question is, now that their mutual attraction has been established, do they even have a chance at a relationship, as both have a problem with commitment? This is where the plot builds and the plot thickens. Throw a jealous ex/boss into the mix, and you have a classic will they/won’t they saga in your hands. The language and scenes are explicit at times, but this is, after all, a romance.

Jude Munro is obviously a terrific, talented writer, and her gift for plotting, characterization, dialogue, and  suspense-building shines through, making the first in this particular series a real heartbreaker. This author has built truly believable, empathetic characters, intriguing scenarios, and situations that demand to be resolved. But will they be? You have to read the book to find out.

The thing I like best about “Born for Leaving,” and Munro’s writing (and there are many things to choose from) is that she chose to make this a romance story about two realistic, human men–not just another gratuitous sex story (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But this writer, and this novel, is a cut above the rest because of her choices, which makes the steamier scenes ring truer. It’s nice to know you’re in capable hands with gay romance, because sometimes it can come off as exploitative or pretentious. You don’t have to worry about that with Munro. She knows how to tell a good story, and I suspect it wouldn’t matter the genre.

All of the elements you love in a romance novel are here: Diametrically opposed characters, sexual tension, romance/love, and…I should stop before I spoil the ending. Summer reads are a dime a dozen. Some you forget about the next day.  “Born for Leaving,” by Jude Munro, is one you will remember for a long time. Fans of “Brokeback Mountain” would love this book.

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