“Wistwood” by Jonathan Kieran

Jonathan Kieran
Brightbourne Media (2020)
ISBN 9780988568105
Reviewed by Timea Tokes for Reader Views (07/2020)

“Wistwood” by Jonathan Kieran is about a lone writer who leaves everything behind in order to start fresh in a new place – only to discover that he can’t escape his past, and there are more dangers waiting for him than he could have ever imagined…

I found “Wistwood” to be a mesmerizing, yet a surprisingly scary story at the same time. There were millions of reasons for that. The author got me hooked even before I started reading the story. I loved the blurb and the cover, thinking that this story was perfect for me.

It wasn’t a lie. The story and the author both delivered, even beyond my expectations. If I could, I would give this book 6 or 7 stars, and there is no amount of space to contain all the things that went through my mind while reading it. I think I will just start somewhere and see where this goes.

This story left me with an uneasy feeling of being watched most of the times (and I loved it). It also made me feel like I could easily be the main character. Not just because he was a fellow writer, no. The author involved his readers in a way that made them embrace the world of Wistwood and all the secrets it entailed.

The story and the town pulled you in, and you involuntarily fell into the same traps the main character did. I could relate to him as much as I hated him at times. Why? Because he held up a perfect mirror about his (and our own) imperfections. I love antiheros, and Brask Adams wasn’t an ordinary one, to say the least. He had his flaws, yet the more the story progressed, the more I felt sorry for him.

There is a point in everyone’s lives when they wanted a clean slate and a fresh start, only to find out that something was massively wrong with the picture. When Brask hit rock bottom, he (and the reader) had to realize that that was only the smallest of his problems.

All in all, the story was expertly written, and although the writing style took me a while to get used to (hence it wasn’t an easy or a quick read), I didn’t mind at all. On the contrary. I took my time to savor this gem of a horror, glancing behind my back every so often (which is exactly how a great horror story should make me feel). I truly think that the author has delivered way beyond his promise with this one.

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