“Giants Amongst Their Fellows” by Patricia Cashmore and Danielle Clarke


Patricia Cashmore & Danielle Clarke
The Book Studio (2019)
ISBN: 9780646807713
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/2020)

“Giants Amongst Their Fellows” begins when a friendship is forged between a Frenchman and an American, while working in a manganese mine off the mainland of Australia. Both hardworking men are there so that they can save to pursue their dreams. The two decide to invest in starting a vineyard that will someday produce award winning wine.

As time passes, and the vineyard is functioning, both men fall in love and bring their new wives into their business venture. Everything seems to be going well until one night when two of the spouses do something that will alter everyone’s future forever. As time passes, the story moves from focusing on the two men, to the lives of their children who have grown up and started making their way in the world. Unfortunately, the act that occurred in past upsets the fragile present, wreaking havoc on both families. The past must be confronted for the two families to move on, but in doing so great tragedies occur.  Only time will show if they are able to heal and move forward.

I truly enjoyed immersing myself in this epic tale. The multi-generational aspect of the story adds a great deal of dimension to the characters and the setting. Discovering that this was a work that took over twenty years to create made it even more interesting. The fact that it was started by Patricia Cashmore and completed by her daughter Danielle Clarke, after Patricia passed, made it even more poignant and compelling because I found it impossible to tell if there were any discrepancies as a result of this. Everything appears to flow beautifully.

This tale is beautifully written with settings that are fully described in vivid detail. I was so intrigued by the settings I actually went online to look them up and discovered that the story actually takes place in an area of Australia that is a wine region. This knowledge and being able to see pictures of the area made it even more real for me. The characters are also compelling and genuine. Being able to watch them evolve and try to work around their flaws added some grit to this beautiful story.

I highly recommend reading this incredible novel. For the times we are in right now, it is the perfect story to get lost in during a pandemic. For me, it was my mental way to escape from intense summer temperatures and quarantine. Readers should not be daunted by the huge size of the book. The story is so wonderfully written, the pages flow by quickly. “Giants Amongst Their Fellows,” is a must read!

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