“Between Witches and Angels” by T N Traynor


T N Traynor
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9798665769936
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (8/2020)

I must admit that when I picked up “Between Witches & Angels: Romance Suspense (A New Dawn)” by  T N Traynor, I did because the words ‘Witches’ and ‘Angels’ were in the title, and I am hooked when any of them appear! I was not disappointed. Megan is a beginner Green witch who has been in love with her childhood best friend her entire life. However, her feelings for him are not reciprocated and she finally decides to move away and start over. She finds a job at an herb shop in a small coastal town and loves it as she not only found a new home, she also found her coven and a new love, oblivious that danger would creep up on her….

Traynor’s writing style is light, fun and easy to read. Her picturesque characters are real, unique, and lovable. The villains are scary but at the same time real and believable. The story flows from start to end, and it captivated me from the beginning, making it really hard to put down. I only found two minor errors which I am mentioning as I am bound to as a reviewer but they were so tiny (probably product of over editing) that they did not affect my experience of the read at all and thus won’t affect my scoring. Her descriptions had plenty sensorial content to the point that I could feel being there. I felt scared for my life during the suspense scenes and yet felt relaxed thanks to the lightness of her narration style. This is book one of her series, and I can hardly wait to see how it continues to unfold.

Overall,  “Between Witches & Angels: Romance Suspense (A New Dawn)” by T N Traynor is a great start to what it looks like an amazing series filled with romance, suspense, fantasy, and mystery. This is definitely an awesome read for an array of audiences who enjoy light fantasy mysteries, romance, witches, and angels! A Five-Star read in my book. Highly recommended!

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