“Unreal” by AJ Tedesco


AJ Tedesco
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9798652680145
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (8/2020)

“Unreal,” by AJ Tedesco, is a collection of erotic poetry for the senses. It’s much more than just poems about sexual relations–although that would be enough. Each poem in this series seems to come from the heart, or the libido, and that’s what makes these poems work: They’re about sex and love both, not just one or the other.

In addition to the romantic aspect, these poems are deep and personal, drawing you in to make you feel, but think as well. If you’ve ever been in love, these poems will remind you of the good times, the not so good times, but, overall, that feeling of euphoria that only love and sex together can bring. A lot of poetry can be too abstract to understand or relate to, but these poems have just enough to keep things intriguing, while giving you enough realism to relate to.

The titles on the content page are enough to pique your interest–A Stranger Will Know My Name, and The Sky is Broken,  just to name two–but it’s the erotic, enticing lines that keep you reading. Lines like “But clothes fall like petals,” or “She offers soft prisons” let you know the author isn’t writing for the sake of cheap thrills or exploitation, even when writing about probable S&M scenarios/fantasies. Tedesco’s phrasing and evocative images rouse the senses in a subtle way, causing the reader to think their own thoughts, draw from their own experiences and past/present loves. The author is good at teasing and taunting with a coy line, giving just enough information to define the mood, but never quite going over the top, leaving it to the reader’s imagination to fill in the blanks or finish the thought in his/her own way.

Tedesco writes with a lot of symbolism, sometimes sparse, but you always get the point. This writer doesn’t spoon-feed it to you. You are to interpret however you want. Granted, there is a wide range of poetry in this collection–from innocent romance to explicit acts of submission/domination, so be warned if you are easily triggered by such material. But this volume of poetry is balanced out with pretty lines about nature, too, and love, and loneliness, and desire. The only slight criticism I have is that some poems don’t seem to live up to the quality of the others, but this could be just a matter of taste on my part. This is still a worthy collection of erotic poetry. Fans of sultry romance and “Fifty Shades of Grey” will appreciate this book.

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