“Get Money Do Good” by J.D. Vermaas


J.D. Vermaas, PhD
Get Money Do Good, an imprint of Vermaas LLC (2020)
ISBN 9781735396606
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (09/2020)

“Get Money Do Good,” by J.D. Vermaas, PhD, is the memoir/biography of multi-millionaire humanitarians/social justice warriors who practice what they profess. Drs. Jodi and Garry Vermaas are the parents of thirteen children, (two biological, eleven adopted). Some were rescued from child trafficking or destitution, while others have a different story. This remarkable couple tells the story of how it all happened, how they opened their hearts, minds, and bank accounts to help children have a chance in life.

Some people merely talk about doing good in the world. Some wealthy people would never dream of parting with their hard-earned cash. But these two doctors see it differently. What started as a personal mission for their family has blossomed into a worldwide community/movement of do-gooders with similar stories of how they use money to make a difference in their own neighborhood, or around the globe.

This memoir will do two things: 1. Break the stereotype of the selfish, greedy capitalist who cares only about dollar signs. 2. Demonstrate that one person, one couple, or a family with the finances and will to do so, can change the world, one person at a time.

I like the spirit of this couple–Jodi an experienced counselor, life coach, and motivational speaker, Garry a successful architect and engineer. The stories they tell, from multiple points of views and family members, really bring you into their lives and motives in an intimate way. You do see their family and how devoted and committed they are as parents. They decided to use principles of honesty and integrity in their giving, instead of using established charities, giving straight to the person in need. This was the method that worked for them, and they encourage others to do the same.

Money can do more than buy mansions or yachts. It can save a life, feed a person, create families, make homes, and offer hope. Though their mission and adventures have been rocky–some of their experiences seem right out of a Lifetime movie, but they really happened–they stuck to their ideals, which in turn will inspire you to be the hero in someone’s life. Come along to meet this special family. “Get Money Do Good,” by J.D. Vermaas, PhD, is more than a memoir. It’s the story of one couple’s calling.

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