“Becoming an Angel of Change” by Bineta Ngom


Bineta Ngom
Independently Published (2020)
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Readers Views (09/2020)

“Becoming an Angel of Change” by Bineta Ngom is the inspirational story of her life as she discovers and realizes her purpose. Part memoir, part inspiration, part self-help, “Becoming an Angel of Change,” shares Bineta’s personal journey to fulfillment, and also provides motivation and guidelines for anyone wanting to realize their full potential.

Presented in three parts, “Becoming an Angel of Change” is a fascinating story and one that encourages hope, positivity, and gratitude.  In the first part the author shares stories that shaped her, stories that formed the foundation of who she would become. Readers will fully visualize Bineta’s world through her distinct and loving narratives as she talks about growing up in Senegal, a place rich in tradition, love, and family. The second part is equally compelling as she shares her immigration experience, discovers herself, and makes some major changes in her life in order to achieve her dreams. The third section is bursting with gems for readers to take away. Sharing what she learned over the course of her journey, it’s full of valuable nuggets of experience and information.

Ngom writes with authenticity that is refreshing and inspiring.  She is genuine and strong, and her positive, “I-can-do-anything” attitude attributes to her overall success in achieving her goals. She never shies away from learning and has an amazing eagerness to continually improve. In “Becoming an Angel of Change,” she delivers an enthusiastic message to women of all ages and cultures that they have the power to become their very best. As you read you will feel the full depths of passion Bineta has for helping others. It’s what drives her, whether it be her own family, neighbors, coworkers, or the homeless on Skid Row, Bineta’s heart is big enough and pure enough to include everyone in her circle of love and care.

From her humble beginnings to her accomplishments as the founder of a Foundation that helps women and children, Bineta Ngom’s story is a story of triumph and success.  It is rich in culture and experience, and her determination and commitment will inspire women all across the globe. I highly recommend “Becoming an Angel of Change” by Bineta Ngom.

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