“Teed Off: A Golf Course Mystery” by J. Peter Hoyer


J. Peter Hoyer
Bowker.Com (2020)
ISBN 9780578652979
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (09/2020)

In “Teed Off” by J. Peter Hoyer, professional golfer Steve Logan is a champion of his craft, and is addicted to the sport of Golf. A favorite at his local golfing venue, he suddenly goes missing. His former wife Marianne is the first to notice his disappearance. Steve always sends his former wife her alimony check, but hasn’t in the last couple of months! He also calls her from time to time but she hasn’t heard from him. She contacts the police and informs the investigating officer of her concerns.

Not long after the police search, a body is found buried on a golf course. Then later another body is found. It seems as if these bodies have a connection with each other as well as found in close locations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, known as the FBI is called in to help because the golf course is on federal property. Forensic teams are called in to attempt to not only identify multiple bodies but the unusual methods of their demise. Who is responsible for these murders? Why? In what manner were killed?

“Teed Off,”  by J. Peter Hoyer is a mystery, but not your regular expected mystery! What I mean by that is this mystery is inclusionary. No matter your likes or dislikes, you’ll enjoy reading this book. The mystery “invites” you to participate as you’re reading to figure out who did it and why. You become part of the book so to speak. The various clues are like a jigsaw puzzle, but you have to mentally place each piece in order to figure it out.

Can you think like a child? Meaning you might be able to figure it out if you can think in the abstract! Can you visit your local park and listen to the tweet over and over of a particular bird while excluding the tweets of the other birds, vehicles passing in the distance, nearby conversations? Can you define, be specific, tune out and tune in?

As you can see I really enjoyed this “Ultra Style” mystery! The characters in the book are perfectly in sync with the pace, very dramatic plots and turns, and finally the ending, which makes this book a masterpiece! FIVE STARS

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