“Echoes From The Wind” by H.T. Manogue


H.T. Manogue
Shortsleeves (2020)
ISBN 9780977813094
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (09/2020)

“Echoes from the Wind,” by  H.T. Manogue, is an eclectic but cohesive collection of poetry about the multi-faceted human experience. This poet has put together complex ideas that some of us may think but may not know how to express. Manogue does just that with this brief volume of poetry.

In it the essence of many things and ideas are captured, from nature to the arts, including writing, painting, dance, music, and other forms. Some of the poems will open your mind to what thinking is all about, to what you are really like inside, and how your way of thinking can change over time. What are thoughts, beliefs, and ideas? Where do they come from? The author urges readers to think outside of the physical body in order to expand, learn, and experience.

The poems in this collection reach beyond the present, into the past, future, and timelessness itself, where boundaries don’t exist, and dimensions are there to explore. In addition to the higher level of thinking these poems talk about, they also return to a more personal, immediate level, and convey the importance of self-love, inner peace, and oneness with the Creator.

Moving past these themes, you’ll find lines about sexual relations, romance, and connections between lovers. The poems are full of imagery, tactile sensations, and even language about our sense of taste as it relishes the flavors of food. Phrases about different types of animals interplay between thoughts that aren’t so clear-cut, but still intriguing.

Some of the poems are easier to grasp than others, but that’s okay, it’s interesting to interpret them however you like. Your imagination will be stirred as you take in each rhyme and non-rhyme about little slices of life, awareness, and self-discovery. In some ways, the work as a whole could remind you of cleverly worded song lyrics. “Echoes from the Wind,” by  H.T. Manogue, is a word-kaleidoscope of beauty, beast, and banter.

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