“Soul Seeker” by Kaylin McFarren

Soul Seeker

Kaylin McFarren
Creative Edge Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9798665284903
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (10/2020)

“Soul Seeker,” by Kaylin McFarren, is a riveting supernatural thriller reminiscent of a Stephen King novel. This dark drama of angels and demons begins with a father being on death row for murdering his son. Before his execution, he told his lawyer that the demon named Crighton was responsible. But he wouldn’t be the first killer to blame an evil entity for taking a life. Is he telling the truth, or is he criminally insane?

As the story continues, the narrative shifts focus to the demon itself as his devilish powers and purpose cross paths with innocent (or not-so-innocent people). Crighton’s eventual mission is to capture a high-ranking angel for Lucifer. But Crighton is abducted by The Sovereign Sector, a team of scientists who experiment on supernatural entities. These scientists force Crighton into a relationship with this angel that changes everything and has Lucifer himself hunting him down for revenge. Crighton has an eternal choice to make: Freedom or slavery?

McFarren is known for her psychological thrillers, but there is a supernatural twist to “Soul Seeker” that doesn’t disappoint. Crighton is a character caught up in newfound desires and the dark master he serves. This author knows how to set up an irresistible plot with a satisfying narrative and compelling character arcs. The team of experimenting scientists and what they do is intriguing as well, and you wonder how in the world Crighton is going to get out of this, if he does at all.. A lot of stories are predictable or a re-hash, but McFarren’s isn’t. She is skilled at teasing you with scenes, giving you just enough information to keep the pages turning, and then turning the tables on you by shifting the focus of the story. Once invested in the story, you just have to find out what happens to these characters. McFarren is fearless when it comes to taking characters and situations to the brink and back.

My favorite part is how this story all started, with Benjamin Poe and the drama with his wife and son. My second favorite part is the relationship between Crighton and Ariel. You can just see this playing out in your mind. Some books are a natural for the movie screen, and this is one of them. Another layer is the sense of humor that lightens everything, especially in the later parts of the book. If you’ve never read this author before, don’t worry; you can trust her talent. She will take you with confidence to the underworld, and you will emerge again safely above ground. “Soul Seeker,” by award-winning author Kaylin McFarren, is the edgy, supernatural thriller you’ve been looking for.

Watch the amazing book video for Soul Seeker:

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