“Iron Medicine” by Richard B. Brady

Iron Medicine

Richard B. Brady
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9780578689012
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (10/2020)

“Iron Medicine,” authored by Richard B. Brady, is set in the early 1800s in the new America during the time after the Lewis and Clark expedition, where so many people eventually realized the riches of the country.

News reports of the newfound area included the discovery of so-called savage Indians, great rivers, beautiful landscapes, majestic mountains, and newly discovered animals. A particular type of animal unique to that region was Beavers! Beaver fur was one of the most valuable commodities on earth, hence a massive hunt for that precious hide. This story highlights a particular beaver hunter, Hugh McGarity, who desires to take advantage of this lucrative endeavor. But as he and many other Americans arrive in the New Louisiana Territory, they’re met by the native Indian tribes and their cultures. The problem? The native Blackfoot Indians regards the Beaver as a “spirit,” an important part of their spiritual culture. The stage has now been set for the so-called newly arrive Americans to have a war with the native people of Blackfoot country! Who will prevail? At what cost?

“Iron Medicine” is a fantastic journey through the lives and eyes of different cultures. Both are willing to fight to the death for various purposes. One for wealth and future comforts, the other to maintain their way of life, which is the only life they’ve ever known. The three main characters, Mr. McGarity, a Blackfoot warrior called “Kill Close”, and an African slave, are synergistically intertwined to represent the views of each culture, views, and morality!

The story has many elements of the actual truth in which this country was formed, no matter which side is wrong or right. The author brilliantly displays the internal conflicts within the “nationalities,” but in the end the story his exciting and quite frankly a page turner. The syntax and timing of each conflict comes along at precisely the right moment. I especially love the

fact that I didn’t have to do what I call “back flipping”…..having to turn back to previous pages to compare to what I’m reading in the current.

“Iron Medicine,” by Richard B. Brady, is a well thought out plot with the right type of characters. An outstanding read that will appeal to fans historical fiction and alternate history, especially those interested in early America…5 stars.

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